sábado, 25 de septiembre de 2010

Future Apprentice Bartender Mr Noel Tactay!!

Soon to be an Amazing Apprentice Noel learned to deal with any situation at the bar. Checking ID's, serving customers, dealing with money, doing service bar, well trained with the computer, using the jiggers.
Stocking the bar, cleaning it, rotating the products, doing the orders, managing times, being responsable, speaking differents lenguages and being friendly with everyone.

I know that he learned a lot and this is the best thing to do in the bar career!

For all this I just have to say: Thanks Noel!, thanks for being a good friend, and being quick to learn as an Apprentice.
I also learned that any time I said: "Tulongan mo ako!" he would answer: "No Mas!".
Ignacio De Notta
Las Vegas, Nevada; USA.

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